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-old is in stable condition in the intensive care unit. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> the highway patrol says it is investigating a dangerous and disruptive side show incident that shut down interstate 80 this weekend. some drivers blocked traffic while others spun donuts on the pavement. the video first showed up on facebook and youtube. the highway patrol has tips. but is asking anyone who sea what happened, to contact authorities. >> people think it's fun, but it's not funny. you have a lot of people that you effected that day, and it's not okay. a group in favor of gal side show says it needs to support to move side shows off the main roads. >>> super bowl week has arrived. tonight, both teams are now in new orleans. the baltimore ravens flew in this afternoon. head coach john harbaugh led the afc champions off the team plane. noticed that all of them are dressed in suits, ready for business. as for the niners, the team held meetings today away from the cameras. one veteran did talk to the media. frank gore credited coach jim harbaugh for the team's success. >
to bring hundreds of affordable housing units to los gatos. the community not known for its affordability. matt keller is live tonight at the council meeting and says that critics say the housing prices are unfair. >> reporter: as you can see the meeting is still going, people are sitting in over flow seating. the town is considering a special zoning for this property and four others clearing the way for the possibility of high density apartments including about 250 units on this stretch of open road. >> another 60 units going in there. and then way back over there is an area that is probably going to be a lot taller and has 128 units going in there. >> reporter: the problem according to many neighbors is not affordable housing for los gatos but where these projects are going. here where the five properties are located, all within the northern part of town and all within the same raidous. 87% of the affordable housing will be in 14% of the town. >> let's spread it out and be fair. >> reporter: los gatos is in a unique position. the state requires a number of affordable housing. but others
abandoned off of 152 near gilroy. >> we don't have any suspects in the robbery unit. they're still continuing to investigate this case round-the- clock. >> reporter: police say the suspects tied up the man and woman, and then made off with their jewelry, electronics, and those two cars. >>> apple seems to have lost some of its shine tonight. the company warned shares dropped in after hours trading that basically wiped out an entire year of gains. apple reported a profit of $13 billion, but missed its revenue estimates, and said profits were flat because of higher manufacturing costs. the biggest issue for apple may be its iphone sales. there are some indications now that the buying public may be cooling off to apple's once hot products. >> reporter: today's earnings report showed apple with record revenues, and 47.8 million iphones sold last quarter. >> everything i use is apple. i have basically the whole family. >> reporter: the ceo, tim cook projected lower revenue for next quarter, with slower sales. not the skyrocketing growth investors have been accustomed to seeing. usf prof
refuses to gift united states the ability to pay its bills the consequences could be catastrophic. republicans say a deal must include spending cuts, but the g.o.p. is not unified in its own strategy. yesterday former president candw commented. >>> google said the decision to block map was to ensue a good user experience and not about exceptionally interfering with a rival product. according tot tech site google is working on a redirect so window users can use the map service. >> some homeowners on storm- ravaged staten island, new york are furious that going is touring neighborhoods, photographing damaged homes for it's 360-degree map technology. google says it's updating the photos to "help people around the world better understand the extent of the damage. google says it plans to revisit affected areas and take more pictures to show the recovery progress over time. >>> inside sources say the national hockey league lockout could end within hours. marathon talks continued late into the night. according to the boston globe a veteran agent watching the talks says a deal is "as goo
and help other people that need that same opportunity. >> reporter: as you can see a lot of these units still have a long way to go, but today is parts of a last-minute push to get this project completed. habitat for humanity is hoping to have all the families moved into the condo units by april. in tally ciscoe alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> another national day of service program in san francisco aimed at getting warm blankets in a the hands of homeless people. volunteers were outside of san francisco's city hall as folks dropped off blankets and jackets which were quickly turned around and given to homeless people. >>> the mayor corpuscle is starting a pilot project this week that will integrate mindfulness fluxes its training program at camp pendleton. trainers are looking to see if it help them reset their nervous systems after combat. >> a union representing state engineers is raising questions about who will inspect the work of the first intersection of california's high-speed rail? current plans calls for whoever lands the contact to also hire the inspectors. the inspec
hours trading. >>> united airlines is trying to hike airfares for the second time in as many weeks. they have upped fares on domestic flights. united tried to raise fares earlier this month, only to abandon the price hike after competitors didn't follow suit. >>> another clear and cool night. but warmer conditions are on the way. when we'll have temperatures back in the 60s. >> for the first time in three years, we could have a maverick surf contest. the changes being made to make sure spectators don't get swept away. >> armed robbers targeting bay area pharmacies for painkillers. >>> a new tactic is being counted tonight to find the number of pharmacy robberies. >> reporter: this small pharmacy here was one of two pharmacies robbed on monday alone. now comes an idea to actually bait bottles of painkillers to track down the drug thieves. ktvu cameras have taken you to the frontlines in the battle against prescription drug abuse. >> hydrocodone, vicodin. >> reporter: the highly addictive painkillers can fetch big bucks on the street. with one oxycontin pill selling up to $40. we tol
refuses to give the united states government the ability to pay these bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy would be catastrophic. >> the president has maxed out his credit card, and he's not going to get an unlimited credit card. >> reporter: the next few months will be a real test for congress, and for new nebs who think they can break the impasse between parties. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> relief over the fiscal cliff deal may be short lived as americans realize their payroll taxes are going up. the deal in congress reinstates the 2% cut in the social security payroll tax that was waived two years ago, to stimulate the economy. consumer psychologist says 2% can make a big difference. >> in the bay area, a couple making $100,000 a year, taking a $2,000 cut in that income is massive. it's completely different than other parts of the country where $100,000 goes a long way. >> it can have a domino effect on install businesses and the economy as a whole. congress also rescued the nation from going over the so- called milk cliff. a government subsidy
and prevention said today that the flu in the united states has hit epidemic proportions. the cdc also says that some areas are starting to report a decline in the number of cases they are seeing. >> we're in the middle of flu season right now. but we'll have flu circulating in the united states for several more weeks. >> reporter: california is one of just three states where the flu is not widespread. the others are mississippi and hawaii. >>> san jose, maneta airport welcomed its first ever 787 dream liner. it is the most technological equipped plane in the world. san jose mayor chuck reed says it's a good start toward bringing more air travelers to the south bay. >> it's very exciting, it's a huge thing. because this is the first. we need to be successful with the first so we get the second, third and fourth. >> the may -- mayor said much of the technology on board came from the silicon valley. the airliner was just in the area for a few hours then returned to japan. >>> the faa today ordered a comprehensive review of the new plane. ktvu's consumer editor john vacar details a series of
near by which is maybe difficult on a process unit. or do you try to either clamp it or plug it if the pressure will allow. >> reporter: plug a steel plug into the hole or wrap it with a pressure clamp. the pipe was punctured from the outside. the chemical safety board think that is the chevron fire department in trying to get the insulation off the pipe using a tool called a halugan bar may have punctured the pipe with this making the leak even worse. that's because the pipe seriously corroded was more than likely seriously weakened or brittle. >> in trying to plug the hole you make the whole much bigger, the pipe starts to fail. in which case you're not really losing control. >> reporter: within minutes a huge vapor cloud hundreds of feet high engulfed the refinery and sent 15,000 neighbors to the hospital. but the government says even without the hallogen bar there still would have been some kind of fire but perhaps not quite as severe. chevron says it's cooperating with all investigations. i'm consumer editor tom vacar. >>> in eastern contra costa pg & e is investigateing
then killed himself. 100 canine units were among those paying their respects. tonn's cousin and fellow officer spoke about his cousin. >> one of the first things i heard his dad said what kind of counseling will be made to the suspect's family. >> reporter: yaro a german shepherd was allowed inside the church for today's ceremony. >>> san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh met with the press today clearly please with the prospect of playing in the super bowl as robert handa reports, harbaugh understands much of the pregame hype will be about him and his big brother. >> hello. >> how are you doing. >> good to see everybody back. >> reporter: coach harbaugh was in a good mood as he arrived. he said the team had a happy flight home after their come from behind victory. coach harbaugh showed just how happy as he mentioned his players, including his quarterback kaepernick. >> just the ground he covered it reminds me of me when i run then i wake up. >> reporter: harbaugh also seemed resigned to the fact that much of the super bowl hype will focus on the relationship with his brother john the c
their landlord a slum lord. we took a tour of their apartments. >> reporter: in one unit we saw showers that don't drain. next door pipes under a kitchen sink that drip so much the cabinet is rotting and smoke alarms, what smoke alarms in then there's the mold, take a look at this. it seems to be everywhere. that mold is near where jose poot sleeps. >> it makes me sick and gives me a cold at nighttime. >> reporter: if you thought his mold was bad, take a look at a neighbors. the ongoing problem social security why tenants and housing advocates protested. >> reporter: we spoke with the landlord about the plight of their tenants. many of your tenants call you a slum lord. what do you think about that? >> i think it's fair to be called whatever they call me and i understand their frustration. >> reporter: he also claim that is he will install cameras to keep people from coming in and sleeping in the hall. >> it's fund, i can't put $15,000 into the property by tomorrow. >> i feel bad, i feel so bad. angry because i'm -- they don't take care of us you know. >> reporter: the city department of buildin
to hell. >> united nations estimates that more than 60,000 people have died in the 21 month long struggle. >>> in other news of the world tonight in afghanistan, the taliban claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings which killed at least four people and left more than 16 wounded. the bombers attacked a meeting of tribal leaders in kandahar province. the province has been one of the most violent in that country. >>> in australia, firefighters said tonight that several wildfires have now scorched 110 square miles in tanzmania and forced 3,000 people from their homes. at least 100 people are missing but to date there are no confirmed fatalities. firefighters are dealing with high winds and scorching temperature that is have reached to 108 degrees. >>> in thailand, customs officials say they confiscated half a million dollars worth of rhino horns. the vietnamese man was hiding the horns inside a clay hippoptotamus. >>> the french actor showed off his new russian passport. putin granted dupardeu's request. >>> taiwan is on its way to becoming the first country in asian to legalize same-
. obama won a spot in history. >> that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. >> reporter: the president is officially in his second term now. he was sworn in in the blue room of the white house with chief justice john roberts doing the honor. and you can bet that chief roberts said the words carefully. four years ago he said the oath wrong. so president obama is the first to have been sworn four times. this morning, joe biden was sworn in by sotomayor. then there was the wreath laying ceremony. and the first couple also attended the episcopal church for martin luther king celebration. >> reporter: when a president and vice president are sworn in it's only for a four year term so if they're reelected they needed to be sworn in for a second four year term. reporting from washington, d.c., i'm tori campbell, ktvu news. >>> more details on predictions. aides say the president is taking the challenge of a second term very seriously and that he's still working on his speech. they expect him to strike a balance between calling for unity and admitting that not
for the decline. >>> a dutch manufacturing is recalling more than 50,000 of its high end strollers in the unite because of a choking hazard for children. bugaboo has issued a recall of its donkey and cameleon models. the company says it's received 18 reports of this happening but so far no reports of injuries. >>> an emergency landing. the latest mishap that forced the grounding of the plane. >>> and >>> two major japanese airlines have voluntarily grounded all of boing's 787 dream liners in that country following a series of mishaps. the latest forced a 787 operated by opona airways. the plane was in rout to tokyo when the pilot saw a warning light and then saw smoke in the cockpit. the pilot landed the airplane and everybody was fine. >>> john fowler tell us why the residents are being told to leave tonight. >> we'll be back. >> reporter: by midday most boaters had left pete's harbor. >> bye bye, good luck to you. >> reporter: 144 boat people had called this redwood marina home. duane foote has lived on his boat for 20 years. >> it's such a nice community. people have so nice here, very frien
of loops. the treasury secretary signature appears on all paper money in the united states. the president said lieu assured him he would try to make at least one letter legible. >>> a judge in colorado ruled there is enough everyday for james holmes to stand trial for the aurora theater massacre. holmes is charged with 166 counts for killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in a crowded theater last year. he could face the death penalty. >>> police in san jose say they seized thousands of dollars worth of guns and firearms after executing a search want on the 700 block of ross circle. they discovered $65,000 in cash, multiple firearms including 2 pounds of marijuana and more than 200 pills of oxycotin and vicadin. officers identified a suspect as terry lee washington. he faces several charges including being a felon in possession of firearms, drugs for sale and resisting arrest. >>> the food and drug administration lowered the dosage of the sleeping aid ambiant for women. the new recommendation is less than half of the original doze. the sleeping agent effect may linger in the morning. th
to israel and in my deal the united states should stand with israel. >> reporter: as for brennan. >> a 35 year veteran of the cia. john knows what our national security demands. >> reporter: brennan was fully involved in the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> if confirmed as director i will make it my mission to make sure the cia has the tools it needs to make our country safe. >> reporter: he was nominated in 2008 but withdrew his name when brought under fire for interrogations during the bush administration. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. >>> a google executive take as controversial trip. the reason for his visit to north korea. >> and back here in just 10 minutes, the weather is changing around. some clouds coming in. we have the dense fog advisory and it's going to get really, really cold around here in the early mornings. all those details and the latest computer models back here. >> a meeting of medical minds in san francisco. the bay area companies that are working to create cures. ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ n
competition from other units such as stanford which offers courses for free. >>> multiple choice questions on state standardized tests may soon be a thing of the past for california students. s t udents the new way of testing is scheduled to be rolled out in the 2014-2015 school year pending approval by lawmakers and the governor. >>> a marin county landmark has a completely new look following several storms. this is the way the arch looked like at the tennessee beach at tennessee cove for decades. for many years it's also been a favorite spot for pictures. but on december 29th. a graduate student at the institute of technology was on the beach taking pictures when all of a sudden that arch came tumbling down. the graduate student and his geologist father said the noise was so loud it also blocked out the sounds of the waves. >>> it starts way up here and you see the curser this red line. when the systems come like this they come up over the cold and down over the land like this they don't have a chance to warm up. a lot of times these systems worm up but this one coming down is going to b
. >> we arrested 245 people on criminal charges of child exploitation. 222 in the united states, and 23 people overseas. >> homeland securities operation sunflower began back in november and spanned 46 states and six countries. 36 people were arrested in california the most of any state including three from the bay area. one in san leandro, one in san francisco and one in sonoma county. >>> police in daly city say a fight between a father and son ended with both of them hospitalized with serious injuries. it happened around 2:30 this morning at the crown county apartments on emperial way. both are expected to survive. >>> one thing that happened in vegas did not stay in vegas. tonight san francisco giant's pitcher sergio romo is apologizing for an incident at the vegas airport on new year's day. tsa agents detained romo at an airport security checkpoint. they said he couldn't provide the proper i. d. police say the world series champ became upset and began acting aggressive so they handcuffed him. after romo calmed down he was sited for breaking rules and released. a statement tweeted
in the united states six other times. >> it's given me a lot of hope for the future. i feel like i'm getting a second chance to start over after i got hurt. >> brendan says he has regained limited use of his left arm and hand. and is hoping in time his right arm will also regain function. >>> a new study says leafy greens cause the most fool bourn illnesses but poultry causes the most deaths. the centers for disease control says lettuce and spinach account for most of the e.coli. >>> the names of major hollywood stars will be in the marquee in san jose. the festival announced that harrison ford will be honored with the maverick awart with the film ginger and rosas. closing the festival will be midnight children based on a novel. >> emt will install about 40 antennas. the plan drew criticism by some who called the antennas unsightly. >>> a little more than a week ago after mavericks served up 25-foot waves for competitors there's word from europe of a surfer catching what turned out to be a 100 food -- foot wave. serving legend macnam era could be topped his own world record. macnam era hol
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)